Credit Valley Artisans in Georgetown


Pottery on the Wheel

Spring 2016

Pottery on the Wheel:

Frans Rood 


This 8 week course will teach you the elementary potting
techniques involved in throwing the basic forms and will
introduce Glazing and Decorating.

It is also an excellent refresher for those who have some
experience, but are out of practice and want to brush up on
their skills. A good way to get comfortable with equipment,
tools, and surroundings at the cottage.

Limited tools will be loaned during the term of the program
and all supplies are included in the course fee.

The program is presented on a need-to-know basis.
Although there is a general outline – assessments are
made as the lessons progress. This may lead to an
alteration of the course to suit the group or, in some cases,
the individual.

Basic forms are executed to familiarize the participants with
the concept of form and function. Usually students have some
idea what they would like to make and I will endeavour to
help them achieve a reasonable goal.

The classes will be using white stoneware and firing to one
temperature range. This makes it easier for everyone to fire,
glaze, and bring articles to completion at the same time.

During the course, kilns are loaded and fired under the
directions of the instructor.

The prime intention is to learn and to explore something you
have never done before - or want to re-learn. I want you to
have an enjoyable experience working with the class. You
are encouraged to give feedback to ensure the program
fills your expectations.

8 Tuesdays:  Starting March 29
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm    Daytimes: 10:00am - 1:00pm

Cost:     Members:  $  245*              Non-Members:  $ 275*
          * including equipment, supplies, glazes, and firing costs

All tools, equipment and supplies are provided by the instructor and included in the course fee.